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Summer Boarding Courses provides high-quality residential summer schools in Oxford and Bournemouth for students aged 8-17 from around the world.

In 2016 we welcomed students from 103 different countries to our summer courses to study English and a wide range of academic subjects including Business, Medicine and International Relations.  Last summer 63% of our students were returners or found us via the direct recommendation of a previous student.  Our fantastic campus locations in some of the best boarding schools and university halls in Oxford and Bournemouth offer students the opportunity to study in a traditional British environment.

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To read more testimonials from our students and parents all around the world look at our interactive map here:

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The course was excellent. My son enjoyed himself a lot, I highly recommend this college.

Michele, Ireland

Extremely well-balanced in terms of teaching, entertainment and fostering international relationship building.

Thomas, Austria

Our boys enjoyed their stay at Headington. Improved their English, developed self confidence & made friends . A great experience for both parent and child indeed!  

Hamza, Saudi Arabia

My child went to SBC for two weeks and returned with lots of new friends, more confidence and independent, and improved English skills.

Jelgerhuis, The Netherlands

My daughter was very happy at SBC, she has made many new friends and has improved her English skills.

Paula, Romania

It was the first time our daughter had been away for almost 3 weeks abroad alone, but everything was PERFECT. Thank you so much, and all the best for such a lovely staff.

Alex & Fabiana, Argentina

Let me extend my gratitude to the Student Director Paolo for his high evaluation of Yury's impact at the school. Your personal assistance was very helpful.

Alla, Russia

I'm writing to say thanks to you and your summer camp staff. Everything was amazing, my kids said. They really loved the experience.

Rodrigo, Brazil

Maureen loved the Summer courses, I am really pleased she lived a great experience. 

Mamy, Madagascar

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank the SBC team for the wonderful experience that our children had this summer. They will talking about it for a while I am sure!

Ramzi, Lebanon

I will also never forget all the mentors who really helped me being comfortable in every situation. My main goals were to meet new people and improve my English, the results are beyond my expectations.

Fayrouz, France

Thank you all for the great hospitality. It was a lifetime experience. Maria was overwhelmed! We loved hearing all the stories and pictures she brought back. My other son is looking forward to grow up and go to summer school also!

Madalena, The Azores

Siver and Murad have returned home with lots of impressions, new friendships and of course, lots of photos!  I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and all your colleagues for excellent organisation of the courses!

Parviz, Azerbaijan

Once again I would like to thank you all for Maria's stay in Cambridge. She returned happy and safe and full of energy and inspiration!

Grazyna, Poland

From our side we recommend anyone warmly to Cambridge College, as we are convinced that your child will be in the best hands.

Roswitha, Germany

Ashraf enjoyed your school so much and is happy to spend an even longer time in England next year.

Shahla, Azerbaijan

You don't have any idea how much my daughter enjoyed her time at Headington. You have a special team working for you! 

Andreina, Venezuala

Our son went to Headington. The school is very charming. The staff and teachers are very professional and friendly.

Patama Sangwongwanich, Thailand

I am sure you may see my son again next year!

Michela, Malta

Million thanks for taking care of my son during his two week stay, Thanks a lot.

Pinky, Hong Kong

Kamal came back home very happy from his experience at Dragon School. I want to thank you and all the team who helped Kamal have a great time and for keeping him safe.

Walid, Kuwait

We truly appreciate your kind help and assistant from day one.

Karen, Israel

The children have got a lot of positive emotions, wonderful impressions, they got acquainted with lots of friends at the School. I'd also like to thank the School's staff for looking after and teaching our children.

Viktoriia, Ukraine

My beautiful daughter has returned home happy and healthy. I have noticed she is very positive and very mature. Thank you for everything and we look forward to returning in the near future.

Vasvie, Bulgaria

It has been a growing and very important achievement for my kids and our family. I am so glad we signed them up at Abberley Hall.

Karrie, Hong Kong

Oxford College made me feel like I'm a very special person, gave me the ability to be confident in myself, to believe in myself, recognise what kind of person I am and gave me the change to grow up.

Noa, Japan

I look forward to more fruitful years of relating with SBC.

Dr Dakuku-Peterside, Nigeria

They were two exceptional weeks for Helena and we wish we could thank you in person for everything you have done not only for her but also for us as parents.

Parents of Helena, Serbia

Théa returned perfectly and I thank very much the whole staff for his good organisation! Théa was very very happy with her stay in Headington.  

Marianne, Monaco

My daughter enjoyed her 4 week program very much. She learned a lot and made friends from different countries. The program was very complete with lots of excursions.

Sandra, Mexico

Thank you for such a great time at Oxford. It is definitely the best two weeks I've ever had!

Bian, Japan

Annie came home safely and happily with precious memories. She shared all the stories about her house parents, the teachers, the activity guides, room mates and friends.

Yanhua, China

The summer course is going to be a big experience for Inni in many ways. And to me as well. I sent my little girl to the UK and she comes back a young woman.

Ulla, Finland

I had such a great time with you all. Amazing new friends, amazing activities. Hope to see you next year. Say thanks to all the mentors for me again. Love you guys so much.

James, Japan

The girls have had such a great time and we cannot wait to meet them and hear all their stories. Thank you so much for all your help in all the arrangements.

Rahul, India

We have attended your summer courses for four years now and recommended them to many of our friends, and will continue to do so.

Gary, Japan

My kids had so much fun, they didn't want to come home.

Maria, Sweden

It was a little scary sending our son to a summer boarding school in a foreign country where he knew no one. We felt from the start that your program was very professionally run and would be a good match for Mohamed.

Eman, UAE, Oxford College

Thank you so much for the Summer School. The boys came home very happy and would like to come back next year! Thanks to all of the staff also from my husband and I.

Dominique, Congo

I just want to say BIG THANK YOU! I was with you in 2015 and these days were unforgettable for me!

Shota, Georgia

My daughter seemed to really enjoy this summer programme again and kept on raving about the summer course.

Ansuk, 15, South Korea

My daughter had a great time, and asked me if she could attend the programme again next year. 

Linan, Taiwan

Great experience for all the family. We were really happy.

Eduardo, Peru

My daughter's English improved dramatically. She made new friends and she is keeping in touch with them. I also noticed a change in her personality. She has become more confident of herself and more open to other people. Even my relationship with her became closer.

Raghda, Lebanon

My son had a wonderful learning experience at Oxford College! He returned home with many fond memories of the lessons, professors and, of course, friends he has made during that period of time.

Marisela, UK

Great programme that helps build confidence with a good mix of students from different nationalities. Provided an opportunity to learn about different places and cultures. Overall an excellent experience for my child.

Afolabi, Nigeria

It was a wonderful learning and growing experience. My girl ended saying Oxford College was a home away from home and she wished she was there longer.

Kiran, Malaysia

Is a great opportunity for our children to share with a lot of people and cultures in a relaxed and secure environment.

Hector, Mexico

If anyone would ask me if I would let my daughter go back to one of these courses, my answer would definitely be positive and I would tell them about the incredible experience it is.

Lia, Argentina

From the very beginning everything was organised in very professional way. It was a pleasure to deal with the SBC team.

Tomas, Lithuania

My son had very good experience at Abberley Hall and he said he wants to go back there again.

Amel, Egypt

I enjoyed the summer at Headington with great staff and great friends!  It was amazing!

Abody, Saudi Arabia

The SBC Summer School in Oxford provided a life-changing experience for Binh, opening his eyes to the global English-speaking world

Nguyen Thi Phuong, Vietnam

Great experiences, unforgettable memories and new friends (not only for the summer!)

Kristyna, 17, Czech Republic

My daughter's experience with Oxford College is something she will treasure forever.

Vesna, Montenegro

I had an excellent summer and I really love SBC Oxford! Thank you for this amazing summer.

Ayshe, 12, Turkey

Summer School made me feel like home. I knew a lot of new people all around the world. I had such a wonderful time in Headington!

Pornteera, 14, Thailand

Thanks for an amazing five weeks, I'm very happy to have so much cool friends and memories!

Loreta, 13, Latvia

Abberley Hall is amazing, I wish I could come and stay for the whole year!

Amberley, 8, China

It was a wonderful campus that I will never forget. I made new friends and I learnt more English.

Victor, 14, Belgium

It is a really good school and all staff members are great – I will miss this school so much.

Ena, 12, Croatia

Dukes Summer School is a wonderful place where you can improve your foreign language, communication with children from different countries, make friends and have fun!

Maria, 15, Russia

This summer school is a great place gathering international students from all over the world!

Kenichi, 13, Thailand

You can have a fun-filled summer, learn the language and meet friends from all over the world!

Freya, 14, Germany

I will miss this fantastic, great, best summer school.

Glasha, 10, Russia

There is no better summer ever!

EJ, 9, Uganda

The combination of cultural variability and the approachability of the staff made it wonderful.

Alexandros, 16, Greece

Great, great, great! I was really impressed and loved the activities and lessons. I love this summer school!

Nicole, 11, China

It was a very good experience to learn English and have a lot of fun.

Alvaro, 11, Spain

An epic experience which I will never forget!

Sheryar, 16, Pakistan

A fantastic experience for my daughter. Rita is a happy child but during these three weeks she was even happier. She learned, she interacted and she is making this first experience very useful and educational in a fantastic multinational and multicultural environment.

Manuel, Portugal

Our daughter has had the most wonderful and rewarding stay at Headington this summer. It has been a tremendous boost to her English proficiency - she feels at home in the English language claiming that she writes more fluently in English than in her native language Danish. She has made…

Malene, Denmark

The support from beginning to end was flawless. The increased confidence and maturity in our daughter was very satisfying. She had a truly amazing time and built wonderful friendships.

Katrina, Italy

My girl had the best time of her life she says. Not only did she learn a lot but made a good friendship with students from all over the world. The staff and teachers were great and we cannot think of anything that might be better. Everything was just excellent.

Eva, Iceland

Both our kids stayed in two different SBC schools – and both were very happy and want to come back!

Tim, Germany

Our two daughters Blanche and Jeanne aged 14 and 11 spent fantastic time in a very beautiful environment. They enjoyed meeting new friends from all over the world, and loved daily activities proposed by SBC. And the staff were very nice and very helpful!

Roubin, France

It was a great experience for my daughter - she loved the school. Her English improved much more than I expected.

Katarzyna, Poland

Our daughter has had the summer of her life. She returned with lots of new knowledge and friends from all over the world. It has been a purely professional experience. We can recommend this fabulous experience.

Susanne, Denmark

Being two weeks in Dukes Summer School was a great experience for my son. He had a great time and made new friends from different countries and he still remains in contact with them. He had fun while at the same time he improved his English skills.

Fotis, Greece

In the words of our son "the best time of his life... so far". Many impressions, lots of new friends, great English. It was our second summer with SBC. Definitely not the last one.

Anastasia, Spain

I am very satisfied with the course. The experience with the staff was excellent. They make it easier. I highly recommend attending these courses as a way to help the development, maturity and growth of our children.

Rodrigo, Guatemala

My child really enjoyed the summer school. She made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun during the afternoon and evening activities. She improved her English a lot with the Summer Study programme.

Katerina, Czech Republic

Headington Oxford Summer School provides a very international and unique experience for your child. You needn't worry about leaving your son or daughter at Headington.

Joyce, Belgium

The staff were very friendly and my kids enjoyed the four-week course, it was a full busy four weeks where their English confidence increased. The activities inside the schools were very suitable for the kids. The trips outside of the school were planned very well. Overall as a parent I…

Khamis, Oman

Yasmine came back a more confident and mature little girl, topping all that, she had a wonderful time and made many friends from across the world. I would definitely consider sending her again to a similar course in the future. 

Nader, Jordan

I had a few worries as this was the first time my daughter went abroad by herself. She became homesick, however she finished 3 weeks perfectly and came back home with new wonderful experiences and memories. 

Tsutomu, Japan

Being two weeks in SBC Oxford Summer School was a great experience for my daughters. It helped them improve their English skills. They found a lot of friends from Brazil and Dubai. I recommend the school to everyone.

Attila, Hungary

Second home, far away from parents, but hosted by fantastic people, like family. Great hospitality, fun and new friends from all around the world. It's a shame the holiday is so short.

Piotr, Poland

Our son learnt a lot from his stay at SBC. Both language skills and social skills were improved. We are impressed by all the activities the course provides and the professionalism of the staff at SBC. We would without any doubt recommend the course to other parents.

Heidi, Norway

My son had a truly unforgettable time in Bournemouth. Not only was he able to improve his English, he made many new friends from many countries which he still remains in contact. Many thanks also to the staff who were extremely helpful and friendly.

Martin, Switzerland

The staff were friendly and have helped my son to overcome his initial difficulties to adapt himself to the school routine.

Gustavo, Brazil

Excellent, organised and professional staff took good care of our kids for three educating weeks. They really enjoyed the school, the teachers and making new friends from all over the world.

Fredrick, Sweden

Beautiful location, lots of green space, nice authentic college buildings. It all looks part of Harry Potter’s story as soon as you arrive there. I was felt safe about my son and I noticed a significant improvement in his English. That was exactly the goal. Thanks to the SBC team.

Ivan, Russia

SBC staff were very kind in showing their helpfulness and friendliness during my children's stay.

Abdullah, Oman

Our son had a great summer at SBC. He met lots of new friends from different parts of the world and different cultures. He had lots of fun while at the same time he improved his English skills. He returned home with lots of happy memories. 

Matias, Argentina

The staff were friendly and help you all the time as much as possible. Her House Parent was awesome, friendly and helpful.

Carl, Belgium

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