Summer Boarding Courses brings together the cultures of the world through education

At Summer Boarding Courses UK, we want our summer school students to have a truly international experience, whilst developing their English language skills.

We pride ourselves on our strict nationality limits across our 7 English Summer Schools, allowing all our students to thrive in an exciting, multinational environment.

In 2019 SBC welcomed students from 101 different countries, and by restricting the number of students who speak each language, we can ensure our summer school students make friends from around the world, learn about cultures they have not experienced before and speak English during their stay.

I had a great time here and got to know many more people and cultures and expand my friendship with people from all around the world

Aleksa, Student, Serbia

To ensure an unrivalled experience for students and parents

We understand that studying abroad at a summer school in England can be a nervous time and experience for both parents and students!

We are here to help
Our team of dedicated Student Support Managers are here to support you throughout your journey and ensure that your English Summer School experience is of the highest quality.

From your initial enquiry, to your child’s stay at the school, we’re here to support you and help you have a truly memorable experience at an SBC Summer School.

Over 11 years of experience
You can find out more about our history here.

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It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I met special people from all around the world. The staff were amazing and the classes were very interesting.

Camilla, Student, Italy

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