Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Summer Boarding Courses brings the boarding school adventure to our English language summer schools, bringing out the best in our students and giving them a lot of fun along the way. At the same time, we help them develop the skills to embrace life’s challenges with confidence. We provide this within a setting that inspires students and creates an excellent opportunity for making new friends, having fun and creating positive memories.

Students find our courses to be hugely helpful both for improving their English and developing real-world life skills: in 2016, over 50% of our students had been on one of our courses previously, or had found us through a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. And since 2009, we have welcomed over 7000 students to our schools.

We also learn from our students like they learn from us – and every year they shape our school culture more and more. As children become increasingly engaged with technology, we update our courses to keep track of their interests and understand how we can help them to thrive.

Our ethos is that learning and fun go together naturally. Our courses are entirely built around this. It is why we integrate language learning into all our extra-curricular summer school activities. We have one member of staff for every 5 or 6 students – a high ratio – to provide positive and safe activities for all. Together with outings and socialising, this allows students to continually practise their English while interacting with friends. Whether the activity is adventure sports, dance, drama, art, a talent show or horse riding, students will be challenged and stimulated.

A truly international environment

We ensure that there are always a mix of many nationalities on our courses so that all children can get comfortable speaking English together without reverting to their native language. in 2016 Summer Boarding Courses welcomed students from over 100 countries to our courses.

This is a key feature of our schools compared to others. When other schools admit large numbers of students from only one country, English language learning can be disrupted due to the majority students’ constant temptation to return to their native language. Our selective approach avoids this issue. For our younger students, we also have dedicated staff on hand during breaks to encourage them to use English as a common language rather than reverting to their native tongue.

Our courses also give children an experience of English cultural heritage, and the ways in which it is embedded in the English language. Understanding the context of the English language gives them a further appreciation of it, and motivates continued study – laying the groundwork for educational excellence ahead.

For older students who are beginning to prepare for their university years, we also offer specialised, targeted courses that allow them to gain academic expertise and prepare for assessments, while at the same time improving their language skills to the desired standard.

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The course was excellent. My son enjoyed himself a lot, I highly recommend this college.

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