Our History

Our History

"Our original mission was to be the best in the world at delivering summer school courses"

Summer Boarding Courses began in 2007 with a single English language summer school, providing a programme of language learning, academic study, together with cultural, creative and sporting activities quite similar to those we provide today. We began with the aim of giving a unique, personal experience to our students, building a strong culture and atmosphere, and creating a sense of community.

Our original mission was to be the best in the world at delivering summer school courses. With success in the first few years, it became clear that we could extend the same approach over a wider range of ages, and allow more and more children to experience our idea of a great summer school. We have also continually improved our services, providing a wider range of activities so that children can find the pursuits they really connect with and solidify their learning.

At the same time, we have preserved each school’s distinctive culture and age-group: students can now start with one of our Summer School courses and then progress year after year onto our Summer College courses – until they begin studying at English-speaking universities.

In 2011 SBC expanded to hold four schools in different locations, and today we operate seven schools with a combined total of hundreds of children each year. A number of our managers – including Sam Holderness, Director; Kate Jeffrey, our Summer Schools Director; and Will Finlayson, our Director of Operations – have been with us since the very inception of the company and many others have more than five years of history with us. They have also seen their students progress on to new schools and universities as a result of their positive experiences.

During summer 2016 we were delighted to welcome students from over 100 different countries to SBC. New nationalities that joined us in 2016 included students from St Kitts and Nevis, Paraguay, and El Salvador. As more and more students from around the globe aspire to study at UK universities, our courses are becoming more and more popular. Once again in 2017, we look forward to welcoming students to spend the summer with us and make friends from all over the world!

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