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Gianluca Polidori – SBC Parent and Dukes Education Sales Director. Gianluca moved his family from Italy to the UK, and tells us how summer school helped in the transition…

After moving his family from Italy to the UK to start a new job with Dukes Education in early 2016, Gianluca decided it was vitally important for his two children to get a head start with their English before they began full time education in the UK starting in the September.

He wanted them to develop their English speaking and writing skills over the summer and be ready to start the new chapter of their education in London. After discussing options with the parent liaison team at Summer Boarding Courses, he decided to enrol his son and daughter at different schools, which would nurture their talents and give them the confidence and independence to continue with their studies. Here is what Gianluca had to say about his own experience as a summer school parent

What do you think is special about SBC?

SBC is the best place to really learn English language. Usually in summer schools in the UK you find groups of Italians, Spanish and other nationality groups where it’s quite hard for students to speak and “live” in English. With SBC this is easy because they have a cap of around 10% of students from each speaking country so that speaking English is compulsory.

What were your children’s highlights during their summer with SBC?

I had Giulia, 8 years old at Abberley Hall and Luca, 12 years old at Dukes International Summer School in Bournemouth. They enjoyed very much the perfect balance of academic, fun and excursions. They loved to meet new friends from all over the world and they are still chatting with friends from Thailand, Brazil and Dubai.

Has the course had any long- term benefits for your children?

After spending the summer with SBC, they moved from their schools in Italy to London. Now Giulia is in year 4 at St Marys and Luca is in year 8 Chelsea college. After a few months they’ve both been awarded with Star of the term and Headteacher awards prizes! A fantastic start and they have exceeded any expectations we had of them. Both Summer Schools were crucial in these results because they incredibly improved their English language and helped them to understand how to be successful in a primary and secondary school as well.

Any advice for future students or parents?

Summer School has a very important role to play in children’s education, that is why I decided to send my kids.  Not only do they learn to speak and improve their English, they become independent, meet new friends and have the time of their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. SBC have summer schools for children from the age of 8-17, boys and girls learn in the truly international environment of an SBC summer school and they will improve their English so much!

If you could pick 3 dinner companions, who would they be?

I have 5, 2 are the 2016 principles of Abberley Hall and Dukes International Summer Schools, Luca and Giulia still talk to me about how polite and supportive they both were to them both and the other 3 are Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie, during the summer with SBC they went to see the musical in London and they fell in love with them!

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