A Scholar’s Story

Suman Sunar, from Nepal, was awarded a scholarship in 2016. Suman was kind enough to share a few words about his experience with SBC both before and during the summer.

What motivated you to apply to the scholarship?

I got to know about SBC for the first time from my college principal. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to develop my language skills and gain a new experience in my life. I think I was motivated the most by the thought of being a part of this programme with lots of events, excursions and a chance to meet new people from different places.

Could you please tell SBC about your background?

I am a science student studying in scholarship Little Angels’ College in the capital city Kathmandu. I come from a remote village in north of Kathmandu called Gumba (Sindhupalchok District). My father is an artist dealing with brass carving. When I applied to this scholarship I was studying in 11th grade in my second month.

Why might you encourage others to apply?

Being a part of SBC has been one of the best experience I’ve ever had. In SBC I got the opportunity to learn, improve and develop different aspect of English language in an organised and supportive environment and also make unforgettable memories with new friends from all over the world. So I encourage others to apply to have the same experience that I had in SBC.

Do you have any advice to applicants? Why do you think that you proved successful in the process?

I advise feel free to ask any questions you would like to and be updated with the emails you receive from SBC. I think my alertness and curiosity helped me to be successful in the process.

How has your experience with SBC benefited you?

Socially, I got to make long lasting friends to whom I exchanged culture, views and knowledge that many of which were interesting to them. And in return I also got to know about many things that were unknown to me. We had lots of fun in excursions and evening events. Academically my experience in SBC has helped me focus in my language skill and made me able to express myself in the best possible way.

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