College Life

I attended Summer Boarding Courses last year and I still have great memories from this experience. I chose Oxford College this year because I wanted to discover a new place and stay with teenagers who are also my age, and I can already say that I’ll never regret this decision. It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. In fact, I learnt many things, visited beautiful and interesting places and made lots of friends from all over the world. That’s awesome!

My journey was really easy as I came by the fast train which links Brussel and London by travelling under the sea. So I arrived in London, took another train (booked days before) to Oxford and finally took a taxi to the college and I reached there around 1pm. I quickly met some of the staff who were really kind, dynamic and helpful. I checked in and was shown to my room, the important places in the college and finished with the dining room where we had a good meal for lunch. Afterwards I met the students who arrived earlier and we quickly started to play some games in the garden of the college. It was around 3pm when we went to the centre of Oxford where, after receiving some information about the city, we had some time to discover this new place.

I don’t know if I can really speak about “classes” as they were more fun than classes at school. I learnt lots of vocabulary about current topics but more importantly, I learnt skills to speak better and more fluently. Often, the teacher started a conversation about a subject and we went in small groups, discussing our ideas, explaining and defending our different perspectives. We also read articles and watched some short scenes from films or TV-shows to exercise our listening and reading comprehension. And last but not least, our writing ability was tested by writing essays like poems, a short biography, etc. I want to congratulate students of the “Business and Leadership” course who entertained all of us by offering amazing talks after weeks of hard work.

Some days we went to new places like Bath, London or even Stonehenge, these days were the most interesting and amazing days as we learnt about history but also we had free time to go shopping and chill out with a cupcake and an apple juice for example.

Like the Oxford College Summer School, unfortunately this article has to come to an end. If ever you were asking any student from the Oxford College 2014 about how it was and what they learnt, they are probably going to tell you that it was an unforgettable experience and they learnt a lot about life and friendships.

My thought for today is:

“After those weeks at summer school, you’ll realize that you grew up. Not because time flew away. Because you’ll have experienced new things and made timeless friendships.”

Valentin, Oxford College Summer School student, 16, Belgium

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