Enriching College Academic Highlights

All of our Oxford College students benefit from fantastic Academic Highlights, to enrich their academic experience.

We are currently busy making preparations for the Academic Excursions to London, which feature specialist workshops at different locations in the bustling capital, relating closely to their chosen subject.

Students may find themselves exploring stories of the advancement of medicine in London, re-living historical courtroom trials or learning about the inner workings of marketing at the thriving Dukes Education group itself.

Academic workshops bring our studies to life and provide an opportunity to translate classroom skills into realistic life situations.

Tara Wales, Academic Programme Manager

We’re really excited to be able to offer these memorable, interactive learning experiences, so that our students truly get the maximum benefit from their time with Summer Boarding Courses. As well as returning to some of our favourite workshop destinations, such as the British Library, we have brand new destinations in store also.

Here’s to a fantastic summer!

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