The Importance of a Social Programme

The Importance of a Social Programme

Our Social Programmes are equally important as our Academic ones. They bring many benefits in terms of fun, social development and learning outside the classroom, enabling students to re-energise and be inspired.

With various language levels across the students, a social programme creates a level playing field where language is no barrier.

All programmes include an array of activities, from volleyball to sushi making, yoga to cricket and visits to museums, galleries and famous UK cities. Participation in each activity teaches many unwritten life lessons, inspiring our students, improving teamwork, leadership and communication skills; how to win, lose, make friends, and the importance of rules and much more.

One of the greatest aspects of a social programme is that students don’t even realise the extent to which they are still learning outside of their lessons.  Students can get involved, relax and socialise with the prime focus on having fun.

After all, it is the school holidays!

Natalie Hague, Programme Manager

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