Parent Bloggers Raising Multicultural Children

20 Top Parent Bloggers Raising Bilingual Children in 2019

There are so many things you can learn in this world, especially when you spend time with people from other countries and cultures! People from diverse backgrounds working together bring fresh ideas, perspectives and solutions and we support our Summer School students on their journey to becoming global citizens.

This got us thinking; what parents are out there raising bilingual children? Or trilingual and beyond? We did the research and in no particular order, here are the results!

20 Top Parent Bloggers Raising Bilingual Children in 2019

Here are our top 20 parent bloggers who are raising multilingual children. Some of the families in this list are trilingual and even more, with one family speaking 7 languages in their household!

Read on to find out who they are, how they are inspiring us and what their advice is to you if you are raising multicultural children too.

Mama Tortuga

Mama Tortuga is originally from Colombia but now resides in South Florida with her family which includes two little ones! We love her name because Mama Tortuga means ‘Mother Turtle’ in English, signifying Mother Nature and wisdom. Her children learn Spanish and English and enjoy mindful green living. You could say that Mama Tortuga is a green goddess with her love for nature, gardening and language learning.

We asked Mama Tortuga for her advice in bilingual child development. This is what she shared with us!

‘We need to model a different more loving world! We need to think about our community. Having a multicultural family is becoming more and more common around the world and that is making us citizens of the world! When you need advice and are in doubt…reach out with a humble attitude’.

You can enjoy more inspiration from Mama Tortuga at MamaTortuga.org and on Instagram @MamaTortuga.

Mama Tortuga Parent Blogger Raising Bilingual Children
Mama Tortuga

Kid World Citizen

Becky from Kid World Citizen has both a MA in Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and School Counselling and has a fascinating cultural background and multicultural family.  She is from the USA, whilst her husband is from Mexico City. Her family includes her bicultural daughters and son, as well as her two adopted sons from China and Ethiopia. What an amazing multicultural family!

‘As a Mom of 5 kids through birth and adoption, from multiple cultures, I believe it is important to integrate cultures throughout our daily lives. We make an effort to connect to local communities, so that my kids can be proud of their heritage. Representation matters, so make sure they have friends, teachers, and coaches that look like them. Also read books and watch movies that reflect their experiences, strengthen their identities and boost their confidence’.

The Kid World Citizen blog has plenty of information about the benefits of being bilingual and bilingual language development. Find out more about Becky at KidWorldCitizen.org and on all the usual social media @KidWorldCitizen. We recommend starting with her Instagram account!

Kid World Citizen Parent Blogger
Kid World Citizen

Expat Since Birth

Ute was born in Switzerland, grew up in Northern Italy, lived in France and now lives in the Netherlands with her son and twin daughters. Her family speak around three languages each day which includes English, Dutch, German, Italian and maybe some French and Swiss too! We see Ute as a strong advocate for raising multilingual children in a multicultural context. She’s passionate about embracing all of the cultures she immerses herself and her family in.

Ute has some excellent information on her blog and actively promotes the benefits of becoming a global citizen. Qualities include being more adventurous, open-minded, self-assured, passionate and entrepreneurial! We recommend you check out her parenting section particularly.

Ute’s parenting advice is strong and straight to the point:

‘Model an open-minded and inclusive lifestyle that will lead your children to naturally embrace and understand diversity’

We could not agree more. You can find out more about Ute and her multicultural parenting tips at ExpatSinceBirth.com, Ute’s International Lounge and on Facebook @ExpatSinceBirth.

Expat Since Birth
Expat Since Birth Parent Blogger

Ed Unloaded

Ed is a daddy blogger in Singapore who is raising his three children with his wife. They are all trying to speak Mandarin and English.

Ed’s blog is personable, funny and very open. He shares some great stories in his parenting articles, teaching us through his challenges and victories, how to raise children who can speak two languages. His blog has been voted one of the Top Parenting and Family Blogs in Singapore. Well done Ed!

He gave us the following advice to improve your bilingual parenting skills:

‘Choose a parenting style that prepares the children for a multicultural focus. The younger they start, the faster they will adapt in any environment!’

To find out more about Ed and his family, go to EdUnloaded.com. We recommend starting with his ‘Must Read Posts’ section. Ed is across social media: his Instagram account @edunloaded is a great start.

Ed Unloaded Parent Blogger
Ed Unloaded

Hispanic Mama

Linda López-Stone is a Latina Mum originally from Ecuador, raising her family in North Carolina, USA. She believes in raising bilingual and multicultural children whilst trying to preserve heritage & language. One of the reasons Hispanic Mama has made it to our Top Bilingual Parenting Blogs List is because of how she spends her time and money: ‘I feel like I spend all my salary on bilingual children’s books and planning cultural experiences for my kids’ she says. That’s dedication!

Linda gave us the following advice on how to raise a bilingual child:

‘Raising multicultural kids starts inside the walls of our homes. As parents we should create an environment that supports and embraces multiculturalism. We need to provide opportunities for our children to learn about cultures, languages, and cultivate the natural capacity that they have, to love’.

We highly recommend you visit her blog at HispanicMama.com for parenting advice, travel stories, bilingual resources and heartfelt articles about her home country Ecuador. You can also find Hispanic Mama across social media. We recommend starting on her Facebook page.

Hispanic Mama Parent Blogger
Hispanic Mama

The Piri-Piri Lexicon

We were so happy to discover Annabelle and her blog The Piri-Piri Lexicon! Her writing is a wealth of easy-to-digest and high-quality information. Annabelle is dedicated to raising her quadrilingual family where they speak and hear four languages every day. These languages are French, English, Portuguese and German. Annabelle is French, her husband is Portuguese, they met and lived in England and then moved to Germany where they live now.

Annabelle started out as a researcher in linguistics and found through raising her family that what is stated in theory through research, sometimes does not play out so easily in real life. However difficult it can be, Annabelle stands her ground on the benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism.

What is the secret to raising children with more than one language? Annabelle explains on her blog that what she has learnt is that there is not one best way to raise your multicultural family. Try what you think is best and see how it goes. Be open to experimenting, evaluating and learning through the process.

You can access much more information on Annabelle’s blog at ThePiriPiriLexicon.com and join in with her discussions on social media. Her Facebook page is our favourite.

The Piri-Piri Lexicon Parent Blogger
The Piri-Piri Lexicon

Creative World of Varya

Varya lives in China and speaks English, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and French whilst her husband and his siblings speak Swahili, Arabic and Farsi. She has two daughters with her husband and is an ESL, Montessori and dance teacher. Varya is also a Baha’i, believing in the worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people.

Varya is passionate about our younger generation exploring all of their abilities not only through technology, but traditional arts and crafts. We recommend looking at her ABCs of Creativity on her blog for plenty of fun and creative ideas to excel in your learning and languages.

Varya’s parenting tips are as follows:

‘You don’t have to belong to several cultures to be multicultural. Multiculturalism is an inseparable part of raising global citizens. It exists in every area of our life and by embracing it, we don’t only remove the borders between people of the globe; we also eliminate any kind of discrimination and promote equality’.

Beautifully said Varya! Discover more about Varya and her family at CreativeWorldOfVarya.com and on Facebook @CreativeWorldOfVarya.

Creative World of Varya Parent Blogger
Creative World of Varya

Hot Mama in the City

Kristina is a Latino Mum raising her two multicultural children in San Antonio. You can find some clever and creative ideas on her blog discussing kid’s books, language immersion techniques and colourful art and craft projects to name a few. Kristina also reviews many different products to let you know just how good they are before you commit to them yourself!

We recommend finding out more about Kristina by heading on over to her Instagram @HotMamaNTheCity. Kristina blogs at HotMomInTheCity.com.

Hot Mama in the City Travel Blogger
Hot Mama in the City

Pint Size Gourmets

Pint Size Gourmets are a family from Hawaii learning about different cultures through ‘culinary worldschooling’. Now isn’t that delicious! What began as a RV travel adventure in Europe in 2014, has turned Wendy and her family into discovering the world through food. They will try lots of different dishes in different restaurants when they visit a country, and talk to the locals along the way.

Wendy’s family includes her husband and two children; 10 year old Wendy (who has published her first children’s picture book!) and 8 year old rockstar Jaffer.

Jaffer says, ‘Traveling is…something I love to do because I get to meet new people, eat a lot and learn about different cultures’.

We love Wendy’s approach to raising children through food. Here is what she wanted to share with us:

‘We expose our children to the world’s different cultures through food. We are raising their global awareness in the hope that it expands their minds and makes them more empathetic to people from all walks of life. After all, even if we don’t speak the same language or hold the same beliefs, we’re still people’.

Discover more wonderful food and learning experiences at PintSizeGourmets.com and on Instagram @pintsizegourmets.

Pint Size Gourmets Parent Bloggers
Pint Size Gourmets

Angelique Felix

Angelique lives with her family in Italy who speak Dutch, Italian, English and Mestreechs (the dialect of her home town Maastricht)! She is proud to be a Mum to her trilingual daughter Chanel. Angelique believes in helping children learn by being creative with them and giving them plenty of opportunities for education through play.

We couldn’t agree more about learning through play. Our wellbeing programme is incredibly important to our students throughout their Summer with us.

Angelique clearly loves life and makes the most of her studies and experiences. She is a bilingual preschool teacher in Varenna Italy, a consultant for sport-cultural/social organisations and is also qualified in baby massage!

Angelique gave us this advice:

My tip is to be patient while raising multicultural children. Don’t give up too soon: not even when your kids respond to you in the language that’s not your mother tongue (my teenager always answers me in Italian for example). The results are amazing and worth it’.

You can find out more about Angelique at AngeliqueFelix.com. We also recommend checking out her Teacher Angie page on Facebook and her YouTube channel.

Angelique Felix Parent Blogger
Angelique Felix

Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes

Frances is on a mission to teach her son a love for life through different cultures. Through this process, she hopes he will embrace his own multicultural identity. By taking a look at her blog; so far, so good!

With a mix of the USA, Ecuador and Puerto Rico in their family, Frances loves to write about bilingualism and multicultural children’s books. We particularly love the Bilingualism, Parenting and Global Culture Education sections on her blog to learn Spanish and English at the same time.

My advice on raising multicultural children is to create a balance with both parent’s cultures and traditions. Instilling a love for their heritage and to embrace their differences helps the child create a solid multicultural identity’.

Raising a bilingual child is not easy and we appreciate how honest Frances is about this. We recommend checking out her article ‘The Ups and Downs of this Crazy Bilingual Journey‘ for support if you are going through the same process. You can also find Frances across social media. We recommend starting on her Instagram page.

Discovering the World Through my Son's Eyes Parent Blogger
Discovering the World Through my Son’s Eyes

Homeschool Ways

Adriana is originally from Romania but now lives in the USA. Her husband and two children reside in Tennessee and speak English and Romanian. They have also started learning French and Spanish too! Adriana homeschools both of her children and loves to experiment with different schedules and methods as they progress in their learning.

We found Adriana’s Stories of the World on her blog very inspirational. She and her children learn about history all around the world together, and keep very busy with their art, music, taekwondo training, maths equations, spelling bees and life skills.

Adriana gives the following invaluable advice on bilingual education:

‘Talk to your children from when they are born in the target language. Of course there will be moments when you have to switch to the main language of the household or, in public, when you do not want to be impolite in the presence of others. But keep talking to them in the target language. I also recommend reading simple books to them in the second language too!’

You can find out more about Adriana and read her educational parenting articles at HomeschoolWays.com. You can connect with her on Twitter at HomeschoolWays.

Homeschool Ways Parent Blogger
Homeschool Ways

Mommy Maestra

Monica, a Latina homeschooling Mother, writes about education and raises her two bilingual children in the USA! Monica writes openly on her blog about the struggles of raising her children bilingually in English and Spanish. She mentions that being 6th generation and starting later than she would have liked with their bilingual education, has not made things easier.

Monica uses different themes, cultural books and varied activities to homeschool her children. She aims to help all readers to her blog to gain access to ideas and educational resources in English and Spanish for kids,

She encourages us all by stating, ‘Encourage their love of learning…No one will care more for your children than you will. So take their futures seriously and get involved now!’

Discover more about Monica and her ideas on MommyMaestra.com and take a look at her Facebook page.

All Done Monkey

Leanna and her husband are from Costa Rica and now live in the USA homeschooling their three children. Leanna is striving to raise her children to be bilingual and bicultural but more importantly she says, ‘to be world citizens’.

‘My main piece of advice would be to find or create a community of others who are raising multicultural kids. It’s so important to find people who share your values and are facing the same challenges! If you are lucky, you can find this locally’.

Leanna started a Multicultural Mums group and also a homeschooling group called the World Explorers Club. The good news is that even if you can’t find or create a bilingual language development group locally, you can always find a community online!

This is why Leanna has started Multicultural Kid Blogs and runs a Facebook group for people to share resources and ask questions about raising kids within different cultures at the same time.

You can also find out more about Leanna and her family at AllDoneMonkey.com. We recommend delving into her ‘Raising World Citizens’ section.

All Done Monkey Parent Blogger
All Don e Monkey

Trilingual Mama

Maria certainly has a wonderfully colourful background. She was born in Southern California to a Peruvian father and a Mexican mother. As a child, she spoke Spanish and English and then discovered a love for French. This love for French was so strong that she decided to study it at University, along with second language acquisition. This is where she met her French husband…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Maria now lives in Normandy France with her four trilingual children. Maria is a middle/high school English teacher and blogs on TrilingualMama.com about her family’s approach to multilingual, multicultural life. We highly recommend delving into her Multilingual Parenting section which holds a wealth of questions and answers for parents who want to bring up their child with more than one language.

Trilingual Mama is also across social media. Maria’s Facebook page is an excellent starting point for how to raise kids trilingually.

Red Ted Art

Feeling crafty? Maggy is half Austrian, half Spanish and lives in the UK with her British husband and son ‘Red Ted’ and daughter ‘Pip Squeak’. Her blog Red Ted Art is a goldmine of creative art projects. Set some time aside to have a go and see what you can make!

Maggy focuses on art to help her children express themselves. As a result, they are very keen artists who draw, paint and create everyday. Maggy’s advice to you is:

‘Pick you favourite traditions from both cultures and make them your own family traditions. Talk about where these different traditions are from! For example, we celebrate St Nikolaus Day on the 6th December (from Germanic speaking countries), celebrate Christmas Eve (main time for gifts), but also have Santa visit with a Stocking on the 25th December. We drag Christmas out all the way to the 6th January and celebrate our version of Three Kings Day (Spanish). This makes for fun and happy family memories!’

If you want to escape and create something really fun with your children, we highly recommend visiting RedTedArt.com to be inspired for hours and hours. You can also enjoy more information and ideas across Maggy’s social media accounts. Her YouTube channel @RedTedArt is our favourite!

Red Ted Art Parent Blogger
Red Ted Art

Official T Lopez

T Lopez is an award-winning recording artist, TV and radio personality and supermum. Originally from Mexico, she raises her two daughters with her Chinese-French husband, DJ Hapa.

T Lopez has enjoyed international success touring with GRAMMY award-winning superstars Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. She has also collaborated with renowned artists Lil Wayne, T. Pain, Glasses Malone and C-Kan. She has had a #1 hit “Mentirosa” with Ab Quintanilla’s “Kumbia All Starz” in South America.

T currently hosts DASH Radio’s weekly international show, MOM LIFE YO, which she co-created and co-produces. Her new show, “Come Over, Overcomer” is set to launch March 2019.

We asked T what her number one piece of advice is for raising multicultural children:

‘I feel as though having a multicultural household is such a wonderful learning experience, not just for the kids, but for us parents as well! My husband is Chinese and French, and I am Mexican.  I love to approach teaching my daughters about their Chinese background by learning about it WITH them. Seeing new things through their eyes makes me feel connected to that part of my children’s ethnic background. The same goes for my husband. There have been plenty of times I’ve been explaining a certain Mexican holiday tradition or teaching my daughters the Spanish word for something, and my husband is right there learning along with them. Their reaction will usually be something like, “Really? That’s so cool!” We learn together. It connects us. It helps us grow in our family identity’.

Discover more about T and her multicultural family on Instagram @OfficialTLopez and on her blog at OfficialTLopez.com

Official T Lopez Parent Blogger
Official T Lopez

Modern Mami

Melanie, originally from Puerto Rico, is a Latina Mum raising her two bilingual children (aged 7 and 12) in Central Florida with her Caribbean-born husband from Trinidad. She shares some funny and heartwarming parenting stories on her blog, creative family activities and even some yummy Latin-inspired recipes. Delicious!

Melanie’s advice is so good, that she has had the honour of representing Latina Mothers and their concerns by sitting on a roundtable with Michelle Obama. Well done Melanie!

Discover more about Melanie and her family by going to ModernMami.com. You can also find Melanie across social media. We recommend starting out on her Facebook page.

Linguist Mama

Melike is a language professional and the Mum of a beautiful 6 month old polyglot-to-be. Melike’s mother tongue is Turkish, her husband is Arabic and they communicate with each other in English! They both speak all of these languages to their son as they believe that ‘babies are language geniuses’.

Melike is making the most of her Instagram feed and it certainly caught our eye! Sharing her observations and experiences of child language development in her multilingual household, her profile is full of inspiration and educational moments. You will also find her interpretations of the latest research findings in the fields of bilingual and multilingual language acquisition. Melike shares everything that she finds interesting and relevant and we cannot get enough of it.

Linguist Mama has plenty of experience working in multilingual and multicultural classrooms both in ESOL and EFL settings. She has also provided teacher training for people who work in such contexts. She gave us the following special advice:

‘If you want to acquire/improve a language, immerse yourself in this language. Whatever you enjoy doing in daily life, create opportunities to do them using the target language. Listen to songs, read books, blogs and magazines, watch TV series, take notes, play games, write poems, and talk, talk, talk!’

You can find Melike on her Instagram @LinguistMama. She tells us that her Twitter and blog are coming soon. Watch this space!

Bilingual Monkeys

Adam Beck, author of the widely-praised book ‘Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability: Ideas and inspiration for even greater success and joy raising bilingual kids’, is the founder of the popular blog Bilingual Monkeys and the lively forum The Bilingual Zoo. He is originally from the USA and lives in Hiroshima, Japan with his Japanese wife and two bilingual children.

We asked Adam what his simple formula to success was:

‘Success at raising bilingual children can be reduced to a simple formula: Exposure + Need = Bilingual Ability.

When these two “core conditions” are satisfied—when the child receives sufficient exposure to the two languages and feels a genuine need to use both—nature will work its magic and do the rest. The result, in time, is the desired outcome: active bilingual ability.

This process may be simple, but it’s hardly easy. What to do is straightforward, but how to do it—how to provide ample support for the child’s minority language side on a continuous basis—is deeply demanding. That’s why I’ve written so much about this subject: to help parents strengthen their efforts, day by day, and experience greater success and joy over the years of childhood.

In Japanese, the word “en” can be roughly translated as “fate.” For parents seeking to raise bilingual children, the word is a fitting acronym because exposure (e) to the minority language, and need (n) for its use, will ultimately decide the “en” or “fate” of the family’s bilingual journey.

To shape the fate you wish, give conscious and concerted effort to addressing, from day one whenever possible, the core conditions of exposure and need in the minority language. In the end, it’s this simple formula that lies at the very heart of fostering—and maximizing—a child’s bilingual ability.

You can find out more about how to raise a child bilingually with Adam’s book here.

Bilingual Monkeys Parent Blogger
Bilingual Monkeys
The Top Parent Bloggers Raising Multicultural Children in 2019! Find inspiration, ideas and resources from these parenting blogs raising bilingual children in their multicultural families! #language #bilingual #multicultural #english #englishvocabulary