Importance of Presentation Skills

The Importance of Presentation Skills (and how to ace your presentation!)

What are the importance of presentation skills? The short answer: having good presentation skills in life is really important! Knowing how to improve communication skills, whether you are in the classroom or the workplace, is something you will be thankful for when you have to share your ideas with an audience! Read on to find out how we can help.


Presentation Skills in every course

Here at Summer Boarding Courses, our academic summer school programme incorporates presentation skills into all of our courses! Have a fear of public speaking? Need to know how to make a presentation? With our public speaking tips and effective communication skills, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Our Time to Shine projects help you develop your English and prepare for future study. Welcoming our students into Time to Shine has been a big success and we can’t wait to hear your presentation too.

The Importance of Presentation Skills


What is public speaking?

Public speaking is communicating information to an audience. Public speaking can happen in a classroom, in the workplace and public places. Public speaking does involve speaking aloud, but it is also about using your critical thinking, listening and non-verbal communications skills to get your message across too.

The Importance of Presentation Skills
One of our student groups preparing to give their presentation

The importance of presentation skills

Effective communication skills are a valuable life skill, which will help you in your further education and in your future careers. Here are our top reasons why public speaking courses can do nothing but good to help you on your journey to success. Here’s the importance of presentation skills:

Your English speaking skills will excel

Presentations are a fantastic way to contribute to your English language learning experience. They enable you to practice all language areas (such as vocabulary, phonology and grammar) and skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening). But most of all, they build your confidence in public speaking. You can do it!

You will gain self confidence to have your say

Unsurprisingly, public speaking classes may make you feel nervous! Statistic Brain found a whopping 74% of people feel nervous speaking in front of others.

Speaking in front of a class, in a language which is not your first native level, can be difficult. Yet, do not fret; we are here to give you the practice and support you need. You can try our public speaking classes out in a safe and encouraging environment during our Time to Shine.

The Importance of Presentation Skills

You will be less stressed

If you have effective presentation skills, this means you are good at communicating. By speaking clearly, and getting your ideas and message across to people well, there will be less miscommunication in your life. This means less stress and happier relationships!

Your time management will improve

With only a certain amount of time to give your presentation, you will learn how to communicate your message quickly, clearly and successfully in a limited amount of time. A good presentation is easy to understand, memorable and not so long that your audience loses interest.

How not to be nervous when public speaking

Nerves can sometimes set in when thinking about how to speak in public. What can we do to keep calm and focus? At Summer Boarding Courses, our environment is supportive and encouraging. We are here to guide you all of the way!

Do some breathing exercises

If you do find yourself feeling nervous, taking some deep breaths will help. Breathe in through your nose slowly, counting to four in your head, then slowly breathe out of your mouth, counting to four again. Keep doing this to slow down your breathing and calm your mind. Do not underestimate the power of taking some quick time out for meditation.

Remind yourself of how capable you are

Speaking can be a little difficult when it isn’t your native language, but you are here to learn and try English with others who are also learning too! If you start to feel nervous, remind yourself that you can do it! That others are probably nervous too! Try your best and stay positive and motivated.

Get support from friends

You will make new friends at Summer Boarding Courses who will support you in your presentation and help you out! Our teachers are friendly and supportive and will guide you throughout your presentation preparation.

The Importance of Presentation Skills
Take a breath and remind yourself you can do it!

How to prepare for a presentation

Give the audience what they want

Good presentation skills involve asking yourself; ‘What do my audience want to know? What will they find interesting about my topic?’ Brainstorm ideas and write them down to create a really interesting presentation.

Focus on your key message

Keep your presentation simple by focusing on 3 important points you want to communicate. Keep your message focused and stick to what you want to say. If you have information which isn’t relevant to your message, do not include it!

How to make a presentation fantastic

How can you keep your audience interested in your public speaking topics? To see how to make an effective presentation exciting and engaging, read on for our top tips for a good presentation.

Start strong

How you start your presentation is critical! An audience is going to decide if they are going to listen to you by how you begin. To engage the audience immediately, tell an interesting story, show an intriguing picture or do something entertaining. By using one of these public speaking techniques, your audience will be hooked.

Create variety

One way to master the art of public speaking is to create variety in your presentation. It will keep your audience interested! Use video. Use eye catching images. Involve your audience as much as possible! Ask them questions to keep them alert. Not talking all of the time, and using different ways to communicate your idea definitely helps.

The importance of presentation skills

Practice makes perfect here. Joining us at Summer Boarding Courses will show you how to improve your interpersonal communication skills and decrease your public speaking anxiety. Find out more about practicing your presentation skills with us during our Time to Shine projects.

Try your best to be confident

If our calming techniques do not work, it is still possible that people cannot see just how nervous you actually are! Even if you do not feel confident, acting confident helps.

Speak at a good pace

Speaking at a pace where the audience can understand you is so important when you deliver a presentation. Keeping an optimal pace provides time for the listeners to understand the content, take notes, and ask questions.

A good presenter should learn not to speak too quickly, because they need to give time for the audience to understand what is being said. At the same time, the pace should not be so slow that the presenter runs out of time to complete the presentation (and the audience becomes bored!).

Have a Plan B

If your presentation is on a computer or hard drive, make sure you have a backup! Having your notes in paper format and some images which do not rely on technology will help you if worst comes to worst!

How can you improve your presentation skills?

With our tips and advice, we hope you are feeling more confident when it comes to how to give a good presentation. Presentation skills are really important and we encourage you to join us during the Summer to take your English to the next level!

If you’d like to improve your public speaking skills and learn more about how to do a presentation at Summer Boarding Courses, get in touch today and we’ll help find the right summer school course for you!

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