International Students and Brexit

We Need To Talk About Brexit

On the 23rd June 2016, we woke up to a decision that has rocked our country. For reasons that are still being established, 51.9% of our country voted to leave the European Union.

As the 29th March deadline is rapidly approaching for us to start the transition period of leaving the European Union, we want to talk to you openly about what this means for the both of us. We need to talk about Brexit.

What is Brexit?

Brexit stands for ‘Britain Exit’. This is the decision made by the UK public to leave the European Union.

However, what people may have seen as a simple ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ choice, has turned into almost 2 years of negotiations and arguments about what the withdrawal agreement should actually contain. It could be said that politically, this is the most uncertainty we have ever faced.

As a country and a union, we all do not quite know where we stand. We are all asking, ‘What does it actually mean for the UK to ‘leave’ the EU?’

Most importantly to us: ‘What does Brexit mean for you and Summer Boarding Courses?’

Can you still come and join us to excel in your English language abilities?

This issue is not going away and we want to discuss with you how we feel about Brexit, and how we can continue to be a part of your English language learning journey.

We are proud to have welcomed international students from over 95 nationalities in 2018

We do not agree with Brexit

48.1% of Britain voted to remain in the EU. We are wholeheartedly part of that percentage.

From the outside, it may appear that the UK does not want to be friends with Europe anymore. However, almost half of the population of this country is fighting to remain in the EU and reverse what has been decided.

Summer Boarding Courses exists for a united world

We are proud to have welcomed over 95 nationalities to our Summer Schools this year, with half of our students choosing to join us from the European Union.

The UK is one of the top places in the world to come and study, and at Summer Boarding Courses, we want to remain one of your reasons to study in the UK for years to come.

Your ideas, dreams and goals for your future are ours too. We believe in you.

We want to see you grow not only in your English abilities but also in your determination, happiness and contribution to this world.

With you, we have what makes our Summer Schools so transformational and inspirational.

Students at SBC Canford Summer School
International Students at SBC Canford Summer School

We can only become better people through understanding others

Through our family, friends and the local culture that we are raised in; we learn about life. We discover what our loved ones value, their perception of what matters to us most and morally what is important.

Yet, it is when we start to expose ourselves to other nationalities, cultures and ways of thinking; that we can excel in our understanding of the world. We learn how to do things differently, how to see things differently, and can make our own decisions about what we want to take and leave from these special interactions and moments.

We need to learn from each other and remain united in creating a better, healthier and abundant worldwide community.

We need everybody together to stand for an inclusive, multicultural society. This is why in 2019, we are extending our mission to enable all people from all backgrounds to join us and skyrocket their English learning.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we are offering 10 English Summer School Scholarships. We strongly encourage you to apply and join us.

Find out more about our 2019 Scholarships here

We understand your uncertainty

We understand that Brexit may be causing concern. We are receiving questions from you about what the future holds for your studies in the UK and we want to try our best in helping you answer them

We can offer you the following general advice and answer these questions…

What does Brexit mean for you and Summer Boarding Courses?

The UK remains part of Europe until 29th March 2019. If the UK reaches an agreement with the EU before this date, we will enter a transition period. This transition period would start from 30th March 2019 and end on the 31st December 2020.

Assuming that the transition period is indeed confirmed and goes ahead, there will be no change to visa requirements during this time. All of you who will be joining Summer Boarding Courses from the EU will be able to enter the UK without needing immigration permission.

We recommend that your passport is up-to-date and has at least 6 months validity left from the start of the transition period for now.

Group of students at SBC Oxford Summer School
There will be no change to visa requirements during the Brexit transition period

What will happen in Summer 2021 and beyond?

The position that EU students will find themselves in after the UK withdraws from the EU is still uncertain. Government has still yet to reach an agreement on this.

We will be updating this post as negotiations and decisions continue to progress to keep you well-informed.

Is it a good decision to book your place at Summer Boarding Courses in 2019?

Yes! Let’s make 2019 a great year for all of us. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

You are a vital part of our family. We are determined to ensure you remain a part of it.

Do you have a question we have not answered below?

Leave a comment or contact us for further information.


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