Academic Programme

Dukes International Summer School offers a variety of English and Enrichment courses taught by professionally qualified teachers.

Students receive 15 hours of tuition per week and have six study options to choose from. All Canford School Summer Courses are multinational with a maximum of 15 students per class at Dukes Summer School.

Summer Boarding Courses lessons focus on developing keys skills needed in the 21st century. This includes communication, collaboration, research and presentation skills.

At the end of the course, all students will give a short presentation in English.

To see what a typical day looks like at our International English Summer School, please click here.

General English

For all levels of English, from beginners to advanced level students, our international summer school lessons focus on improving English language skills through fun and collaborative activities.

At Summer Boarding Courses, students develop their grammar and vocabulary, as well as their confidence in using English.

This is through a series of engaging weekly tasks and projects.

Find out more about our General English class here!

Summer Study

For students with an upper intermediate or advanced level of English, Summer Study at Dukes School develops English language skills through the study of interesting and engaging subjects. Our lessons include English Literature, History, Science and creative writing.

Our Summer Study at Dukes Oxford Summer School is the perfect course for students wishing to develop their English language skills for further study.

Supplementary Cost: £145pw

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English Through Football

For students with an intermediate to advanced level of English; you can develop your game and your language skills at the same time! Learn English through football here. You will experience professional coaching, practical lessons and visit a UK Premier League stadium.

The course includes 15 hours per week of classroom-based football themed-lessons, as well as four afternoons of professional coaching at our British Summer School. 

Supplementary Cost: £145pw

Discover English through Football.

English Through Acting

Perfect for students of an intermediate to advanced level of English who have a love of acting and performance!

Students will develop both their English language and acting skills as part of their Dukes education, through interactive and communicative activities.

At the end of the course students will deliver short performances as part of a Trinity Acting and Speaking exam.

Supplementary Cost: £145pw

Discover English through Acting!

Introduction to Business

Through this immersive course, students with an intermediate to advanced level of English, will get a real insight into the world of business.

They will study areas such as finance, marketing, branding and business strategy, whilst developing their practical English language skills within fun and dynamic projects.

Supplementary Cost: £145pw

Explore our Introduction to Business.

Introduction to International Relations

At Summer Boarding Courses UK, students with an intermediate to advanced level of English can learn about International Relations.

Our lessons introduce students to concepts of world politics and global issues. Students develop their English language skills through a series of topical debates, presentations and critical thinking tasks.

Supplementary Cost: £145pw

Explore International Relations.

Social Programme

Our Dukes International Summer School students enjoy a varied and fun multi-activity programme, with a range of activities in the afternoon and evenings!

The social programme is a brilliant opportunity for students to spend time with their new friends and try lots of new and exciting activities.

Students can also choose English Plus+ options, to replace the multi-activity programme, on two afternoons per week for an additional cost.

Our English Plus+ students will join the multi-activity programme for the rest of the week.

Find out more about our social programmes here.


Summer Boarding Schools students will experience a range of exciting activities including sports, arts & crafts, cookery and discos!

The fun and immersive multi-activity programme gives our students the opportunity to spend time with their friends, relax, and enjoy their summer school England experience!

English Plus+ Adventure Sports

Our exciting adventure sports are for our more adventurous students out there!

These exciting options include activities such as high ropes, raft building, and go karting.

Adventure Sports at SBC Summer School take place on two afternoons per week. 

English Plus+ Horse Riding

Learn how to ride and care for horses with qualified instructors at our Canford School Summer Courses.

Our horse riding course is suitable for beginners, or for those with a bit more horse riding experience.

Horse Riding takes place on two afternoons per week.

English Plus+ Dance

A course for students who love to dance!

English Plus+ Dance is suitable for students of all levels, and will give students the opportunity to explore a number of dance styles including modern and street.

At the end of the course our dance students will do a short performance.

English Plus+ Intensive English Writing

The Intensive English Writing course is suitable for students with an intermediate to advanced level of English who need to focus on developing their written English.

Our summer school writing courses are intensive and take place on two afternoons per week.

English Plus+ Intensive English Speaking

The Intensive English Speaking course is available to students of all English Language levels.

Our small classes at our summer boarding school help students further develop their speaking and listening skills, focusing on pronunciation and fluency.

English Plus+ Art & Design

A two-week course for creative students looking to develop their artistic skills.

Students will build a portfolio across a variety of areas including photography, painting, drawing and sculpture in Art and Design.


The excursion programme gives students a wide range of UK destinations to experience and explore.

From attractions to cultural sites, there is something for all interests.

Plus, our excursions are a great opportunity for students to put their English into practice! Find out more about our excursions here.

Thorpe Park
Bournemouth & the beach
Start Date End Date Duration Price
Monday 9 July, 2018 Monday 23 July, 2018 2 Weeks £2,900
Monday 9 July, 2018 Monday 30 July, 2018 3 Weeks £4,350
Monday 9 July, 2018 Monday 6 August, 2018 4 Weeks £5,800
Monday 9 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 5 Weeks £7,250
Monday 23 July, 2018 Monday 6 August, 2018 2 Weeks £2,900
Monday 23 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 3 Weeks £4,350
Monday 30 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 2 Weeks £2,900