English Through Acting

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English Through Acting is the perfect course for any students with an active passion for acting. Specifically designed for 11 to 15 year olds, this 30 hour course enables students to develop their understanding of English language, acting and spoken performance.

Through a series of engaging and varied lessons, students learn how to put theory into practice and are prepared for a group theatrical performance at the end of the course, graded by an external Trinity examiner. Upon completion of the course, all students will receive a Trinity Performance Certificate in Acting and Speaking.

We welcomed 103 nationalities last summer

Dukes International English Through Acting

Language Learning

This interactive and dynamic course provides our students with the opportunity to learn English through speaking and performance. All of our lessons, which take place both inside the classroom and in the beautiful Canford Theatre, involve tasks, activities and assignments in which students must interact and engage in spoken English.

How We Teach

Our belief is that students learn best when they are able to put theory into practice. Our creative lessons teach English and Drama through a communicative approach, providing students with the perfect opportunity to activate their language skills and improve on their acting ability.

Tasks and Projects: What Students Learn

In this interactive and communicative course, students will develop their general English language vocabulary and grammar, through a series of drama-related tasks and activities. Students will also be given the opportunity to rehearse and perform different types of theatrical material, build on their confidence as actors and, at the end of the course, will take to the stage in groups for a final performance, to take place in front of an audience and a Trinity examiner.

Course Dates: 10th – 24th July or 24th July – 7th August 2017

Course Fees: 2 weeks = £2990

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