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Introduction to Business is a 30-hour course in which students gain knowledge and practical experience of key concepts in international business. The course has been designed especially for 11 to 15 year old students with an intermediate to advanced level of English, and focuses on learning through interactive and communicative project work and team-building exercises.

Located at Dukes International Summer School our Introduction to Business students benefit from the diverse range of artistic, cultural and sporting activities in a comprehensive afternoon and evening programme. 

We welcomed 103 nationalities last summer

Dukes International Introduction to Business

Learning and Doing

This interactive course teaches the essentials of business through a fun and interactive project in which students create a product and pitch their creation to a panel of business specialists for investment. Students develop both their theoretical and practical knowledge of business practice and know-how.

How We Teach

Introduction to Business is an interactive course in which the students are fully active in spoken English throughout. This focus on communicative learning is the ideal way for students to understand how the theory of business is realised in practice.

Tasks and Projects: What Students Learn

Students will have a thorough and immersive course in the following business concepts: branding, marketing, business styles, finance, as well as an introduction to building a business web page. These skills will then be used to create a product, its website, its marketing and business strategy, which will be presented to a panel of judges at the end of the course.

Course Dates: 10th – 24th July or 24th July – 7th August 2017

Course Fees: 2 weeks = £2990

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