Introduction to International Relations

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Introduction to International Relations is a 30-hour course which introduces students to major concepts of world politics. It has been designed specifically for 11 to 15-year-old students and is a dynamic and interactive course, which challenges our students to think about key global issues through a series of communicative tasks, role plays and discussions.

Located at Dukes International Summer School our Introduction to International Relations students benefit from the diverse range of artistic, cultural and sporting activities in a comprehensive afternoon and evening programme. 

We welcomed 103 nationalities last summer

Dukes International Introduction to International Relations

Learning and Doing

As well as providing students with a broad overview of International Relations, this course will also develop key skills in presentation, negotiation and diplomacy. By taking on the roles of political leaders during role-play assignments, our students are able to use their new-found understanding of world politics to present their ideas, negotiate resolutions and deal with hypothetical crisis situations.

How We Teach

Introduction to International Relations is an interactive course in which the students are fully active in spoken English throughout and, alongside developing their subject knowledge, students are provided with the perfect opportunity to build on their English language fluency.

Tasks and Projects: What Students Learn

Throughout the course students will look at key global issues, such as climate change, globalisation or human rights case studies, and develop their debating, research and critical thinking skills. They will also be introduced to different forms of governance and learn about the
role of the United Nations, before taking part in a Model UN simulation where students will take on the roles of different countries and develop their presentation skills.

Course Dates: 10th – 24th July or 24th July – 7th August 2017

Course Fees: 2 weeks = £2990

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