Claire Townsend

Project Manager

Claire joined SBC in 2013 and as a project manager gets to work across many different departments with talented and inspirational people! Claire’s focus is on offline marketing and large-scale projects. She is also part of SBC’s accreditation team, ensuring SBC maintains and exceeds British Council standards.

Claire has both a HND in Business and Marketing and a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management from the University of Leeds. Before joining SBC, Claire was an account director and worked with retail, financial and educational clients for national marketing agencies. In her spare time, she enjoys fitness, supporting her son’s football team, family time and holidays.

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We asked Claire the following questions:

What do you love about SBC?
I love the culture and the people I work with! We are a passionate and experienced team who really care about what we do. We want our families and students to have the best experiences when they come to the UK.

If you were a student, what SBC subject would you choose to study this Summer?
I would love to study Academic Discovery for 3 weeks at Oxford College. My chosen subjects would be Law, Medicine and Politics & Economics. I have an interest in all 3 but feel this way I’d get a taster of them all to best inform long term study decisions.

Find out more about Academic Discovery here.

What’s your top UK Summer travel tip?
Being a Yorkshire girl, I would say Fish and Chips and Yorkshire Pudding are definitely something to try when you come to the UK.

What’s your one piece of advice for students this year?
Be confident that you can do anything you put your mind to, believe in yourself and if you have the opportunity to study abroad go for it!