Conrad Stead

Financial Controller

After 17 years working in the legal industry, Conrad is an experienced finance professional with a strong focus on management accounting. He joined Summer Boarding Courses in September 2015 and oversees the finance function of SBC, providing stakeholders with monthly management reports and analysis of the financial data.

Conrad is a member of CPA Australia and the Charted Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA). He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Technology Sydney, with majors in Accounting and Tax Law.

Since moving to the UK from Australia in 2015, Conrad has been able to indulge his keen interests in history and architecture.

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We asked Conrad the following questions:

What do you love about SBC?
I love the care, quality and attention to detail SBC provide to every aspect of the business; whether it be the social programme, academic programme or the wellbeing of students and staff.

If you were a student, what SBC subject would you choose to study this Summer?
The History of Art course! Art, history and architecture are interests that I pursue outside of work and I have a great appreciation for. To have an introduction to all of this in the Oxford College environment, along with excursions to the Tate Modern and the National Gallery, would be an amazing experience.

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What’s your top UK Summer travel tip?
The UK has an incredible history with amazing culture. Soak up as much as possible by visiting as many museums and galleries as you can.

What’s your one piece of advice for students this year?
The weather in the UK over Summer is unpredictable. It could be sunny and warm one minute and cold the next. Bring both shorts for the sun and a jacket for when it might be cold. Last summer was one of the best I’ve experienced since moving to the UK (I’m originally from Australia).