Jenny Cadden

HR Coordinator

Jenny first joined SBC as a teacher at Abberley Hall in 2014. She then spent the next two summers as the Office Coordinator at both Abberley Hall and Headington Oxford, ensuring the smooth administrative running of these schools during the busy summer weeks. Jenny joined the SBC Head Office team in March 2017 to work in HR and now organises the recruitment of the staff working at SBC’s summer schools and colleges.

Jenny has a BA (Hons) degree in Modern Languages from Bangor University, and a PGCE in Secondary Education from the University of Worcester. She has worked in the education sector for over 10 years and has a variety of experience in British state schools and in the world of EFL. Jenny is a keen linguist, boasting the study of four languages so far. Her goal is to learn at least another two!

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We asked Jenny the following questions:

What do you love about SBC?
What’s not to love? There’s lots of love and care that goes into making sure that the staff and students have the greatest summer of their lives!

If you were a student, what SBC subject would you choose to study this Summer?
Summer Study at SBC Oxford, SBC Canford or Headington Oxford. You’ll get to learn so many different subjects in one course.

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What’s your top UK Summer travel tip?
Try everything! Whether you are a student or a member of staff, there’s always a new type of food, a new activity or excursion – make the most of the experience!

What’s your one piece of advice for students this year?
Enjoy yourself! Relax, have fun, make friends and live for the moment. There is a great summer ahead so make some memories that will stay with you forever!