Lara Kaps

Academic Programme Manager

Lara first worked with SBC in Summer 2014 as a Director of Studies and continued to work with us remotely developing academic materials for our summer programmes. Lara is excited to have recently joined the Head Office Team as Academic Programme Manager and will work closely with our Academic Director, designing and developing academic courses, syllabuses, also developing our Academic Excursion programme for Oxford College.  During the summer Lara will provide support to our academic teaching and management teams.

Lara has been teaching and training in the EFL industry for just over ten years, having recently returned to the UK from a period living, teaching and training overseas including time spent in Spain and Turkey. She is CELTA and DELTA qualified and holds an MA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Glasgow. Before falling in love with teaching, Lara worked in management development training and training management.

In her spare time Lara runs about after her 3-year-old triplets (!) and enjoys family time, climbing up trees to rescue people and travelling.

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We asked Lara the following questions:

What do you love about SBC?
The unwavering commitment to quality and to being the best that we can be for all of our people, staff and students alike.

If you were a student, what SBC subject would you choose to study this Summer?
I think this is a fascinating time to think about either a Politics and Economics or International Relations course.

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What’s your top UK Summer travel tip?
Make sure you have something to take lots of photos to remember your trip by.

What’s your one piece of advice for students this year?
Every day, do something that you want to try but are a bit scared of. The sense of achievement you’ll have at the end is worth every bit of nerves that comes with challenging yourself.