Matt Bignell

Student Support Manager

Matt is a Student Support Manager, who spends his time throughout the year supporting parents and agents of students, ensuring that everything is organised and completed before the summer.

Matt comes to Summer Boarding Courses from Chester, where he worked as the Centre Manager of a year-round English language school.

He has previously taught English in Portugal and Poland, as well as working for a University Pathways College in Sheffield. He recently completed his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Nottingham, focusing on the development of International Students and has an Undergraduate degree in Film Studies.

Outside of work, Matt is an avid sports fan, and enjoys travelling and seeing new places around the world

We asked Matt the following questions:

What do you love about SBC?

The professionalism and the amount of work that goes into providing the best possible courses for students.

If you were a student, what SBC subject would you choose to study this Summer?

I’d choose to study the SBC Coding course, as it is a vital skill for the future and something I wish I could have done at school myself.

Find out more about our Coding Course

What’s your top UK Summer travel tip?

We have some of the best museums in the world, offering fantastic, world famous artifacts and pieces of art, all absolutely free of charge!

What’s your one piece of advice for students this year?

Summer 2018 was the hottest summer in the UK for 50 years, and Summer 2019 will hopefully be even better. Bring some sun cream!

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