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Our Summer Study course consists of 15 hours of lessons per week and is available to students of an Upper Intermediate to Advanced level of English at Dukes International or Headington Oxford Summer School. Students will benefit from a content-based learning approach, providing them with the opportunity to develop their English language skills through the study of other subjects.

We welcomed 103 nationalities last summer

Summer Study

This content-based English course provides a perfect opportunity for students to build on their confidence and language fluency, through the study of other subjects. It draws on a variety of materials, ranging from famous works of literature to scientific case studies, and covers both classic and modern elements of each subject. Subject areas include:

  • English Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • History
  • Science 
  • Geography

How We Teach 

We believe that students learn best when they are actively applying language in practice. For this reason, our lessons are designed to be communicative, meaning that our students are constantly using English in an interactive way.

Tasks and Projects: What Students Learn

Each week, every student will take part in a series of dynamic tasks and projects. Example projects include making short films, theatre and drama performances, presentations and team challenges.

Number of Weeks: Can be chosen for 1 – 4 weeks

Location: Dukes International & Headington Oxford Summer School

Price: Supplementary £145 per week

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