Travel & Transfer

Travel & Transfer

Travel to the UK

Students’ travel to and from England must be booked and paid for independently. Once your child’s place on our English summer school has been confirmed, we will ask you to provide us with the travel details. It is important that this information is provided to us as soon as possible.

When booking your child’s flights to the UK, the flights should be booked for the stated Arrival Date. On the Arrival Dates, students should either arrive into UK airports for an airport transfer or should be brought to the school by Parent Transfer. Your child will not miss any aspects of the course by arriving in the UK on the stated Arrival Dates – student induction will all take place the morning after the Arrival Date.

For departure from the UK, flights home should be booked for the stated Departure Dates. Parents wishing to collect children directly from the school should do so on the morning of the Departure Date.

Travel to and from the Airport

Arrival at the Airport

Summer Boarding Courses offers an Airport Transfer Service for students for a small additional charge. Our clearly identified representatives will personally meet our new summer school students and will drive them to their school destination. In the Arrivals Hall, our staff will be easily identifiable with a bright YELLOW T-SHIRT with SBC on the front and TRANSFER TEAM on the back. They will also be holding a sign displaying the child’s name.

For Heathrow flights that arrive 0900-1600, you can use our Coach Transfer Service. For flights that arrive outside those times, or at airports other than Heathrow, you will need our Taxi Transfer Service.

Please note that Heathrow Airport is very busy: at peak times it can take 1-2 hours from the time a flight lands to move through Passport Control and Baggage Collection. Our staff will always follow the live flight information and will be aware of any delays.

If the student is travelling as an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ (see below), you will need to speak to the airline about their procedures. For Unaccompanied Minors, the airline will usually require us to provide the name and contact number of the member of our staff who will be collecting your child (available on request).

Alternatively, if parents wish to accompany their children direct to the Summer School, they may do so. We recommend that you aim to arrive at the school location between 1100 and 1600 on the arrival date.

Departure from the Campus

On the morning of departure the students will be given breakfast and then escorted to the airport (at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure), where they are checked in by our staff and looked after until they go to the security point/departure lounge. If the student is travelling as an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ (see below) they will be handed over to a representative of the airline.

For Heathrow flights that depart 1030-1800, students can use our Coach Transfer Service. For flights that depart outside those times, or from airports other than Heathrow, they will need our Taxi Transfer Service.

Some airlines require online check-in prior to departure to guarantee a flight booking. It is the parent’s responsibility to check the policy with the airline. Where online check-in is offered as an option, we recommend that parents carry out the online check-in, as this can save time once at the airport on the departure date. If possible, any registration documents, e-tickets or boarding passes should be given to the child prior to travelling to the UK. If this is not possible, we can assist with printing off any required documents if they are emailed to the office during your child’s stay.

Alternatively, if parents wish to collect their children direct from the Summer School, they may do so. We recommend that you aim to arrive between 0900 and 1100. In advance of the departure day, we also kindly ask you to provide the name of the parent or guardian collecting the child from our care.

Prices for transfers to and from the airport vary depending upon the campus’s distance from the airport. Please visit individual campus pages to see full details.

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Unaccompanied Minors

If your child is under 16 and flying to the UK without a parent or guardian, you can request Unaccompanied Minor (UM) assistance directly from the airline. This means that a member of the airline staff will stay with the child from check-in until handing him or her over to our named representative at the destination. This service is available from most airlines and should be arranged with the airline when making the flight reservation.

Most airlines will charge a small fee for the UM Assistance. Some airlines will not accept child travellers under the age of 12 without also booking the UM service. We recommend you check the airline’s policy about child travellers in advance of the date of travel.

Where the UM service is booked, the airline will usually request the details of the person who will be meeting the child at the destination and we can provide you with this information if it is required.

On occasion, there may be changes to arrangements and our named member of staff given for the UM Assistance may change. If this is the case, we will always arrange for another member of our team to meet your child and the named member of staff will sign a Letter of Authorisation for the collection of the UM child traveller. 

Letter of Consent to Travel

Child travellers entering the UK without their parent(s) or a guardian may be asked to present a Letter of Consent to Travel. We will provide a template of this document once you have completed the booking process. The document needs to be signed by a parent and handed to the child to be kept with the passport at the time of travelling.

You may also want to consider having this letter notarised (witnessed or signed by a solicitor), as recently the regulations have changed for children travelling from certain countries without their parent. In particular this applies to children travelling from ITALY or SPAIN who may not be able to board a flight without either a notarised letter or a letter from the local police (in Italy this is called the Dichiarazione Di Affido).

We recommend that you check with your airline and local police about whether your child will need any official documentation to leave the country without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children have in the past been refused boarding onto their flight because they did not have the correct documentation. Countries known to be affected by such regulations are (this list is not exhaustive):



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