Why should I work for SBC?
What skills should I have to work at Summer Boarding Courses?
What kind of people work for SBC?
Which role should I apply for at SBC?
Do you only hire staff with a lot of experience?
Is it possible to be involved in both activities and teaching?
What teaching resources are available?
What is the teaching timetable like?
Do I need any qualifications?
What training will I receive?
When is my day off?
When should I arrive at the school?
Can I do my laundry at the school?
Where will I stay if I work for SBC?
How much money will I need to bring with me?
How much do I work every week?
What is a typical day like?
I have dietary requirements; will that be a problem?
What is a DBS check, and why do I need one?
I am not from the UK, can I still apply?
Can Summer Boarding Courses sponsor my work visa?
How & when will I receive my wages?