Oxford College Summer School

Why Should You Spend Your Summer at Oxford College Summer School?

Oxford College Summer School, based in the heart of the iconic university city of Oxford, gives older students the perfect opportunity to match a rigorous academic programme with an exciting taste of university life. But in what other ways do students benefit from a summer with SBC?

1. Experience studying in the famous university city

It’s not just the dreaming spires of Oxford that make this famous university city the best place to experience student life. Our summer programmes give students the opportunity to live and study within a vibrant student community and experience the rich academic history of Oxford for themselves.

Students have the chance to explore the beautiful architecture of the city centre, relax in the peaceful university gardens and see world-class academic facilities.

Oxford College Summer School

2. Preparation for the Future

Whether you are looking to increase your confidence in using academic English, develop your subject knowledge for further study or are looking for support in applying to university, Oxford College Summer School has something for everyone.

Our wide range of academic courses provide the perfect foundation for students who wish to study their chosen subject for their degree. At the same time, our University Preparation sessions helps students develop the skills they need to succeed at further study.

In addition to 15 hours a week tuition, students take part in guest lectures, study skills seminars and university application workshops which will equip them with all the tools they need to excel at university.

Oxford College Oxford Summer School University Applications

4. Social Wellbeing

At Oxford College Summer School, we know that the key to future academic success isn’t just hard work. There’s time for having fun too!

Our exciting social programme gives our students time to relax and spend valuable moments with their new friends! This could be through taking part in our inter-collegiate competitions, punting on the river or celebrating their achievements at the formal graduation ceremony – amongst many other options!

Our specially designed Wellbeing Programme also teaches our students the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health by managing social respite alongside study or work.

Oxford College Summer School

Oxford College Summer School