Oxford College Academic Programme

Our Oxford College Summer School academic programme is designed to help students develop their subject knowledge and English language skills as they prepare for further study.

Our students receive 22 hours tuition per week. This consists of 15 hours subject-specific tuition and 7 hours of Academic Highlights including, university preparation workshops and seminars.

At the end of the Summer School course, all students will deliver a group presentation as part of their Time to Shine project.

Students can choose to study one two-week course from 10 different options.

To see what a typical day looks like at our Oxford Summer Courses, please view our sample timetable here.

General English

Our Summer School Oxford General English course, is designed to improve students’ language skills and academic study skills, in an engaging and student-centred environment.

Through its topical content and with a focus on presentation skills, students will develop key 21st century skills at our Oxford Summer College, as well as their vocabulary, fluency and confidence in English.

Find out more about our General English course here.

Business & Leadership

Through a variety of engaging projects and assignments, students will develop their understanding of business and Business English at Oxford College. Our Oxford courses focus on the areas of finance, sales, marketing and leadership.

At the end of the course students will have the opportunity to present their own sales pitch for their very own product and start-up company. 

Find out more about our Business & Leadership course here.

History of Art

Our SBC Summer School History of Art Course is perfect for students with a passion for art in all of its visual media; from painting and sculpture to architecture and design.

Students analyse a series of artistic movements, from the early Renaissance to the present day, to understand the significance of art in its historical and cultural context. This engaging course will develop key critical thinking, visual literacy and research skills.

Find out more about our History of Art Course here.


Oxford College Summer School provides a comprehensive, interactive course for any students wishing to pursue a career in medicine.

Students will develop their knowledge and theoretical understanding of medicine. With a focus on human biology, symptom analysis and ethical debates, students will also develop their analytical and communication skills.

Find out more about our Medicine course here.


From our Oxford College courses, students can choose Philosophy.

Students will study a range of philosophical themes, examining both classical and contemporary concepts and dilemmas, to develop vital analytical skills.

Thought-provoking discussions will also help students develop their ability to think and reason critically, as well as forming and presenting clear, cogent arguments.

Find out more about our Philosophy course here.


The perfect choice for aspiring solicitors and barristers, our Law course will develop key skills in critical thinking, debating and legal argumentation.

Students will also explore different areas of law, such as criminal, familial and contract law through the analysis of case studies.

They will then develop their own case for a mock trial.

Find out more about our Law course here.

Natural Sciences

An ideal course for any students wishing to broaden their understanding of the sciences!

This course will develop students’ knowledge in the key concepts and theories of chemistry, physics and biology.

Students will also develop vital skills to enhance their future learning, through project tasks requiring independent research and presentation skills.

Find out more about our Natural Sciences course here.

English Literature & Creative Writing

Students will analyse a diverse range of classic and modern literary works and complete practical writing activities to ignite their imagination during English Summer School.

This will encourage students to develop their ability to form critical responses to a variety of texts, as well as improve their own creative writing techniques.

Find out more about our English Literature & Creative Writing course here.

Politics & Economics

A course for the political leaders of tomorrow!

Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of key political and economic concepts, international geopolitical trends and discover how governmental policies change over time.

Students will also improve their communication and presentation skills, through political campaign projects during their Summer in Oxford.

Find out more about our Politics course here.

International Relations

An exciting and dynamic course focusing on developing our students’ knowledge and understanding of global powers, international policy and diplomacy.

Students will further develop their critical reasoning, negotiation and presentation skills, through a series of debates and conference scenarios.

Find out more about our International Relations course here.

University Preparation

An integral part of the Academic Programme at Oxford College Summer School is our aim to help students prepare for academic success at university.

Students will have 7 hours of additional University Preparation, which includes a series of study skills seminars, an academic workshop and guest lectures.

These afternoons will assist students in building key learning strategies. This will broaden their education and provide them with an authentic university lecture and seminar experience.

In addition, students are provided with practical advice and guidance on the university application process, centred around personal statements or the interview stage of their application.

Guest Lectures
Study Skills Seminars
University Applications Advice

Social and Wellbeing Programme

A happy and healthy body and mind allows our students to perform at their best during their studies.

Our wellbeing programme provides opportunities for students to exercise, relax, be creative and re-energise.

Our dedicated and imaginative staff provide a varied programme of activities and events, taking into account the city, the Academic Programme and the input of the student council.

All of this together makes sure that there is something for everyone at SBC Summer School.

Find out more about our social programme here!

Cultural Tours
Team Sports
Yoga & Mindfulness
Art Workshops
Inter-College Competition
Graduation Ball


Students will have the opportunity to visit many cultural and fascinating places of interest during their stay. Locations include Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Bath and London. Find out more about our excursions here!

Start Date End Date Duration Price
Monday 2 July, 2018 Monday 16 July, 2018 2 Weeks £3,700
Monday 2 July, 2018 Monday 30 July, 2018 4 Weeks £7,400
Monday 2 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 6 Weeks £11,100
Monday 16 July, 2018 Monday 30 July, 2018 2 Weeks £3,700
Monday 16 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 4 Weeks £7,400
Monday 30 July, 2018 Monday 13 August, 2018 2 Weeks £3,700

What's included in the course fees?

  • Comfortable accommodation and 3 meals per day
  • 22 hours of English tuition each week plus Progress Report and End-of-Course Certificate
  • 2 full day trips a week* with all transport and entrances included
  • Afternoon and Evening Social Wellbeing Programme
  • Laundry Service
  • Oxford College Summer School t-shirt
  • UK SIM card
  • Comprehensive Trvael Insurance

*Except for departure week when there is one full day trip